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Our Mission

In Nepal, thousands of school-age children simply do not get an opportunity to attend school. Poverty, lack of awareness, and social backwardness hinder them to fulfill their educational right. To address these causes, SETCO has embraced a mission to educate the children.

 SETCO is a humanitarian mission to educate the children deprived of the minimum opportunities. It is also a campaign to mobilize the people who feel that every child has the right to education and therefore must get the opportunity.

Execution of the Program

SETCO identifies children from the very poor families, and priorities their names for support according to their needs. Sponsors are provided records of the children requiring immediate support. A sponsor will have a choice either to select one child or more. The selected child will be made aware of his/her sponsor – the foster educational father/mother.

role of sETCO


SETCO facilitates to create an environment for spontaneous love and affection between the foster parents and the children. Bringing together the child and the sponsor is the main mantra of SETCO.


SETCO plays a role of an intermediary to link a person with a child. SETCO takes full authority and responsibility to distribute the monthly stipend made available by the sponsor to the adopted child.

SETCO is managed by a group of people committed for the cause of educating the children.